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World high-end shirt brand.

World high-end shirt brand. 2019-06-09

A well-made, stylish, tailored shirt is often seen as one of the external manifestations of successful people.

Men wearing shirts can highlight their tall and straight posture, high-quality shirts can highlight their temperament.

There are many criteria for a good shirt: high-grade fabric, exquisite shellfish buckle, split patch and other reinforcement technology.

However, it is far from enough to consider these aspects alone.

The trend of the times is changing very quickly, the shirt is not only a must for professional dress, but also the first choice for fashion trendsetters.

Today, the editor summarizes the well-known men’s shirt brands at home and abroad from different types.

Turnbull & Asser Tengbo Arthur: an old gentleman with an extraordinary temperament.

Founded in the Victorian period in 1885, Turnbull & Asser is a representative of the top British men’s shirts and a custom-made shirt hand-picked by the British royal family.

Ralph Lauren RL Purple Mark: fashion is not grandiose, the ultimate American dream.

Ralph Lauren RL purple label can be described as the perfect interpretation of the American dream purple shirt with more than 22 stitches per inch sewing density, using WISICA island cotton or Egyptian GIZA cotton, manufactured by the Italian manufacturer Lorenzini, at the top level in the industry.

Charvet: romantic appointment, noble and elegant.

From romantic France.

Charvet is one of the most expensive shirt brands in the world because it is also one of the best quality shirt brands
shirt printing factory in the world.

Brioni: Brione is exquisite, traditional and elegant.

Born in 1945 in Briony, Rome, Italy, it represents an epoch-making sewing expertise and traditional Italian design.

Armani: beautiful color match, more trendy.

Armani doesn’t just make men’s shirts, but his men’s shirts are designed to highlight color combinations.

Through the perfect combination of different colors to achieve the effect of leading the fashion trend.

The official classic long-sleeved shirt, using imported mercerized cotton blend fabric, has the advantages of breathability, comfort, softness, strong sweat absorption and so on.

H Ke: thick college style, leisurely reading spirit.

Founded in 1899, H K is one of the first top shirt brands in the UK to expand overseas.

All shirts are cut by hand, with scissors for the torso, cutters
custom shirts for the collar, and sewing machines for each part.

The back stitched shirt is shoulder-to-shoulder, ensuring the comfort of wearing.

DavideCenci first: creative, rigorous and steady.

Born in Rome in 1926, it is one of the most famous shirt manufacturers in Italy.

The DavideCenci shirt is a perfect blend of Italian nobility, perfect craftsmanship and British conservative style.

Xianchi fascinates customers because it skillfully merges Italian creativity and exquisite craftsmanship with British rigour and soundness.

Harvie & Hudson: is well done and the scene is changeable.

Harvie & Hudson is the only brand in Jamin Street whose management rights have not been changed.

H shirt pricing is not cheap, high-quality fabric and exquisite Beimu buckle with French cuffs and flat-angle shirt collar design elements, in line with the requirements of most business men, but also suitable for a variety of occasions.