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World high-end men’s shirt brand

World high-end men’s shirt brand 2019-06-08

Several world high-end men’s shirt brands from design to quality:

Shervan (Charvet).

Born in France, Charfan was founded in 1838.

From the fashion capital, Sharfan has always been romantic and elegant.

In the Sherfan boutique in Verdun Square, more than 6000 kinds of fabrics are available for customers to choose from.

These fabrics from Switzerland, Italy and England cover poplin, as well as Oxford spinning, light Luo, waltz, youth spinning, hemp yarn, embossed fine fabric, twill cloth, silk and flax.

Most importantly, customers can also choose the style of collar and sleeve according to their preferences and fashion trends of the season.

Customized, prefabricated, want to have quality and the pursuit of fashion, Shire is usually a very good choice.

Price: prefabricated shirts start at $285.

H / H (Harvie & Hudson).

Founded in 1920, the shirt is beautifully made,
shirt supplier retaining the traditional solid color style and introducing lively striped fabrics.

All prefabricated shirts are made of Egyptian double-warp and single-weft poplin, with unique flat-angle collar styles and pearl shell buttons; custom shirt fabrics include premium cotton, island cotton, Barry yarn and silk.

Is one of the few brands that still retain on-site factories.

There is also a sleeve replacement service for white shirts.

Price: prefabricated shirts start at £64.50.

Twill fabric dress shirts start at £99.5.

Custom shirts start at £145.

For the first time custom customers, 4 pieces are set.


Hermes, French fashion brand, early known for making high-end harness in Paris, France.

Today, Herm è s (Hermes) has won the status of the world’s top fashion brand with high quality and new design.

Herm è s shirt fabrics include
shirt vector 100 pairs of double warp single weft poplin, island cotton and silk.

Single thread sewing, overturning sewing, rear fractional shoulder rest and double fold sleeve to ensure elegant appearance, at the same time, do not lose the comfort of wearing.

Available collar styles include: right angle, British, Italian, button and button.

Sleeves are divided into two types: ordinary and French (reverse sleeve).

New fabrics and styles are released twice a year.

Price: prefabricated shirts start at $295.

Shangchuanhe order.

SANTOHOMO domestic high-end shirt brand.

Shangchuan Hemu highlights the Chinese characteristics, the perfect combination of Chinese silk culture and fashion trend, through the vertical and horizontal warp and weft woven rich printing fabric combined with high-density line, deep-sea shell buckle, so that the charm of men from the inside out.

November 26, Shangchuan Hemu launched this winter new luxury series, mainly light luxury, light luxury quality, new fashion, pricing between 549 and 899 yuan, has become the first choice for many high-quality men.