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Verify that the shirt fits you

Verify that the shirt fits you 2019-06-08

Shirt cutting, generally divided into Slim, Classic, Full and other cutting.

Among them, the Slim is more fit, the waist is thinner; the lassic cut is more loose, but the difference between different brands is larger; the Full waist is looser, the hem is longer, more
shirt maker suitable for taller and fatter people to wear.

You can verify that the shirt fits through the following key points:

1. After fastening the top button, the gap between the collar and the neck should be able to hold the next finger. When turning the neck, the collar cannot be rotated together, indicating that it is too tight, let alone too loose.

2. After wearing the shirt and fastening the hem into the pants, the upper part of the belt should be
shirt factory flat, there should be no accumulation marks, and the part tied into the pants should not prop up the pants, as well as flat.

3, sleeves need to be the right size and length, after fastening the cufflinks, the bending arm will not be tight, and can not form accumulation, that proves inappropriate.

4. The length of the sleeve should just reach the wrist position, put on the formal dress, both hands natural droop when the shirt cuff should slightly
custom shirt factory expose the cuff about 1 cm.