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Shirt type and color

Shirt type and color 2019-06-09

It has been said that when I put
shirt factory china on a white shirt, it is like covering a crisp and fresh sheet at night, which will only make me feel so comfortable and comfortable!

Men’s shirts and women’s bottoms are generally similar, look very ordinary, but a wide variety of styles, it is difficult to grade.

Now by the shirt custom processing factory Biang Xiaobian for you a brief introduction.

If you add a variety of combinations, there can be hundreds of subdivisions.

There are four kinds of shirts: French shirts, Italian shirts, American shirts and British shirts.

We usually wear American shirts and English shirts.

However, when you buy a shirt now, you may not understand what Anglo-French and American-French mean.

So let me put them together and talk about what kind of shirts we need.

1. Formal
shirt printing factory shirts: this is very common on formal occasions.

Formal occasions refer to the style suitable for high-end parties, weddings and parties.

We only need one of these shirts because we seldom wear them.

2. Denim shirt: cowboy shirt is an indispensable item in the wardrobe because of its strong leisure and easy to match.

It is suitable for individual wear, built-in and external.

3. Plaid shirt (striped shirt): when it comes to straight male love, no plaid shirt (striped shirt).

But plaid shirts are really selective and don’t encourage us to test at will.

You’d better try and buy it in the store.

Give us a little advice: judge the plaid shirt is good, want to be able to see whether the plaid pair is neat or not.