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Shirt customization knowledge

Shirt customization knowledge 2019-06-13

Shirt is a necessary clothing for men, no matter what to wear a shirt is sure to have, so how to choose their own shirt?

Custom style is natural to fit, but also according to their own size, all kinds of characteristics to choose the shirt that ultimately suits them.

Now by the shirt custom label processing factory Biang Xiaobian to explain to you about shirt customization knowledge.

I. choose a shirt according to the shape of the face.

1. Square face-standard collar, the length of the collar tip is standard or slightly longer, and the collar is slightly narrower.

If you are thin, you can wear a casual shirt with a button collar.

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2. Diamond face-standard collar, collar tip length standard, collar spread slightly wider.

Avoid too long and too much decoration at the tip of the collar.

3. Rectangular face-standard collar, the length of the collar tip is short, and the unfolding width is generally to a little wider.

Needle collar and fillet collar are suitable for formal occasions.

4. Oval face-standard collar, the length of the collar tip is generally to slightly longer, and the unfolding width is generally to a little wider.

Collar tip with buckle collar, but avoid too slender collar tip.

5. Round face-standard collar, the length of the collar tip is general or slightly longer, and the expansion is slightly narrow.

Avoid fillet collar or too slender collar type.

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II. Select shirts by size.

1. Obese men: it is appropriate to use contracted dark, cold recommended dark vertical striped surface, do not use shirt factory light color and obvious grid striped fabric.

2, thin men: it is appropriate to use the expansion of the sense of light color and warm tone, flower case should choose horizontal stripe fabric, avoid using bright warm color, cool blue and green tone.

3. Men with narrow shoulders: the upper coat should be light-colored horizontal striped shirt to increase the sense of width, and the lower suit should be dark to set off the thickness of the shoulder.

4. Long-footed tall men: striped plaid shirts are very quick to match.

5. Men with too large buttocks and short legs: shirts should be made of fabrics that are brighter than those with bright colors, and the underclothes should be dark.

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6. Men of normal size: with coordination, the choice of shirt has a lot of freedom.

III. Choose the color of the
shirt printing factory shirt according to the color of the shirt.

1. Yellow complexion: choose less yellow, green, purple, gray shirt, should choose dark blue, dark gray warm color neutral color shirt.

2. Darker face: optional light color, neutral color shirt.

3. Black complexion: do not be too dark and too light, it is appropriate to choose a pink turquoise shirt with no obvious contrast with the skin color, avoid bright yellow-orange or extremely dark brown, black-purple shirt.

4, pale: avoid wearing green shirt, should show morbid complexion ruddy, complexion pink white is suitable for green.