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Notes on wearing shirts for formal occasions

Notes on wearing shirts for formal occasions 2019-06-07

When matching formal shirts and suits, we should note that:

One is to fasten the buttons.

When you wear a suit, all the buttons on your shirt should be fastened.

Untie the collar button of the shirt only when you are not wearing a tie.

Second, the hem should be put away.

When wearing
wholesale shirts a long-sleeved shirt, tuck the hem evenly into your pants.

Third, the size should fit.

Except for casual shirts, shirts should not be too short and tight, and should not be too loose, fat and baggy.

Make sure it fits.

The collar and chest circumference should be tight and tight, and the hem should not be too short.

In your office, you can temporarily take off your suit coat and wear a long-sleeved shirt and tie.

There have been some changes in men’s shirts in recent years.

In the design of the traditional shirt, remove the lapel, leave the vertical collar part, and become the vertical collar shirt.

But it is not simple to remove the lapel part, and the height size of the lapel collar and the lapel collar that part is slightly different, the vertical collar is more fastidious in the production, the lining is more straight and straight.

When wearing, you do not need to
shirt factory china wear a tie, so that people have a tall and straight, neat, concise, relaxed, casual feeling.

Therefore, vertical collar shirts are particularly popular with young and middle-aged men.

Men in vertical-collar shirts always seem to have a special cultural temperament.

However, if it is a formal occasion, such as an important meeting, a signing ceremony, a ceremonial meeting, etc., try to wear a lapel shirt and tie as a sign of solemnity.