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Notes on matching suit with shirt

Notes on matching suit with shirt 2019-06-05

How to choose a shirt, how should we choose?

Now by the shirt label processing factory Biang Xiaobian for everyone a brief introduction.

In fact, suits and shirts also follow certain dress color collocation guidelines.

In general, the color saturation is from the inside out, from light to deep, you can choose adjacent colors to match, for example, you can choose a dark blue suit, in addition to matching white shirts, you can also choose light blue shirts.

A dark green suit can be worn with a light green shirt.

The match
shirt maker of adjacent colors is a safe match.

In addition to choosing adjacent colors, you can also choose complementary colors, such as orange with blue, enthusiastic fashion.

In addition, people should also pay attention to the matching of body size and
shirt factory china shirt. If you are a tiger-backed bear waist type, then too obvious stripes and plaid patterns are not suitable for you; if you are a medium-sized cloth shirt with higher stiffness and thickness,

You can match; if you are a steady plate or long feet tall type, striped, plaid shirt matches you very well; if you are short and fat, plain color is your choice.