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Knowledge of matching shirts

Knowledge of matching shirts 2019-06-05

If you want to wear the look of a male god, the first thing is to go to the gym!

Yeah, it’s fitness. There’s no turning back without a body.

The inner roar of most men may be that they don’t have time.

Since you don’t have time, give yourself to us!

From body to heart, trust us, let us build you.

Back to business-first of all, boys’ clothes start with shirts.

Black and white shirts are essential for boys’ wardrobe.

It is also the standard to test the taste of all kinds of male gods’ clothing.

And one of the items with a high rate of appearance in men’s street shots.


Blue shirts are also one of the must-have items.

Clean blue makes people feel refreshing and comfortable, like a fresh spring flowing into the heart.

The blue shirt with light-colored shorts shows a
shirt manufacturing man’s leisurely temperament and a touch of sadness in his eyes.

Pink shirt is the representative of warm masculine temperament, do not think wearing pink shirt is very sissy, in fact, it is your powder suction tool.


Flower shirt, reflecting the sexy side of men, is also one of the items that attract the attention of girls.

To be able to wear a flower shirt is handsome and handsome, then you are a male god.

To wear a good flower shirt must choose fit, suitable for their own temperament.

Match the dark color pants that match your pattern and color.


Plaid shirts, which wear a plaid shirt on a leisure vacation, are the preferred items.

It is leisure, easy to
shirt factory chinamatch the personality of a man.

It’s the love of leisure people.

Wave point shirt, reflects the mature and elegant temperament of boys.

As long as it is well matched, the shirt can be full of fashion.

Put on a shirt that suits you and make waves for once!

There may be unexpected gains;

Of course, to wear suitable for you, belong to you alone, if you go out and collide with others is how embarrassing ah!

Matching knowledge: if you are a tiger back bear waist type, then too obvious stripes, plaid patterns are not suitable for you;

If you are a medium type, stiffness and thickness of the fabric shirt, you can check in with you;

If you are a steady plate or long feet tall type, striped, plaid shirt matches you very quickly;

If you are short and fat, plain color is your best choice.