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Identify high-end men’s shirts

Identify high-end men’s shirts 2019-06-11

1. White shirt is king.

This law, so far, has lasted for at least 200 years.

Clean and clean white shirts must be washed, ironed and replaced in sufficient quantities, which means financial strength and personal self-discipline.

If you wear a white shirt, but collar, cuff stains, negative points.

2. It is not easy to expose.

Until the 18th century, shirts were still worn under coats, and only the collar was visible, a tradition that has influenced today.

In the western world, it is unthinkable for dignitaries to appear in shirts at official ceremonies.

This rule still applies in formal business situations.

3. The grid represents the atmosphere of the college.

Plaid shirts have always been the representative of weekend leisure in the UK, but people in Oxford, Cambridge and Ivy League academic circles like it, as do professors in Hollywood movies.

Now you can understand the standards of Chinese programmers, of course, the premise is still clean.

4. Learn to look at the details and don’t be fooled by the price tag.

shirt gallery back shoulder is divided into two pieces instead of just one, and the triangular lining between the front and back of the hem is strengthened, so that small supply and demand can help you judge whether a ready-made garment is really high-grade.

When it comes to mass production, this small process represents a lot of additional costs.

A high-end shirt usually has a detachable collar, which is made of copper, horns or plastic.

One end is pointed, the other is an arc.

Insert it into the collar and keep the neckline in a beautiful curve so that the tip of the collar does not turn over.

If you wear a tie, the lead is especially important.

6. When buying clothes, it is best to wear their most commonly used tie, try wearing a tie on the spot, the shirt collar will not be tilted up.

7. The collar is wide and narrow and there is no need to follow the trend.

Cut wide enough
shirt vector to wear comfortably.

How big is the collar?

After fastening the button, it is best to tuck in your two fingers.

8. The more stitches and stitches are stitched, the more wear-resistant they are.

A good shirt, no less than 18 stitches per inch (2.54cm), the ultimate can do 22 stitches.

In order to save labor, shirts of ordinary quality will be double sewn with a double stitch machine.

However, good shirts are stitched with a single needle.

9. The length of the sleeve should cover the wrist, just to the base of the thumb.

When wearing a suit, the cuffs should reveal half an inch of your wife.

The cuffs should be tight enough so that they don’t slide down.

Poor workmanship of cheap shirts, sleeves are often too loose, appear burdensome.

10. Shirts don’t save cloth.

Formal shirts must be stuck in the waistband, so the back of the dress should completely cover the buttocks, the front piece beyond the key parts, into the waistband will not slide out, the length is appropriate.

And the back is longer than the front to make sure you are comfortable when you bend over.

Many top garment studios and manufacturers use Egyptian cotton fabrics produced by Swiss Arum.

Island cotton is also the top high-end shirt fabric.

In addition, roughly know poplin, Oxford cloth, rib twill, Viele flannel and other fabric vocabulary, will not be easily bluffed by salesmen.

12. Traditional buttons made of shells are essential for a good shirt.

The best shirts, buttons are sewn on by hand, and the buttonholes are sewn by hand.

13. If there are conditions, the custom shirt is the best fit and comfortable.

A good custom shirt, even the two arms are measured separately, because most people have different arms in length.