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How about an all-cotton shirt?

How about an all-cotton shirt? 2019-06-14

Shirt is a single product that many people will wear, in the spring and summer, a good-looking shirt can give you a lot of points, appear to be particularly energetic.

Can I tell you about cotton shirts?

Pure cotton fabric is made of natural and healthy plant “cotton”.

Cotton fabric is of course made of cotton, so to a large extent, the quality of cotton determines the quality of the fabric.

Cotton is divided into coarse-staple cotton, long-staple cotton (also known as sea island cotton), upland cotton and so on.

A good high-count cotton fabric must be made of long-staple cotton, because its fibers are long and thin, and only it can be woven into high-count cotton (as mentioned earlier, the higher the count, the finer the yarn).

Among the long-staple cotton, Egyptian cotton is the most famous, and the Xinjiang region of China also produces better long-staple cotton.

It is characterized by comfortable to wear, soft, sweat absorption.

In particular, friends with skin allergies are very suitable for shirts made of pure cotton fabric, because only pure cotton shirts do not make the skin feel uncomfortable, so as to cause skin allergy!

However, cotton fabric has one of the biggest shortcomings, especially what many young consumers do not like, that is, it is easy to wrinkle and iron every time it is washed.

1 hygroscopicity: cotton fiber has a good hygroscopicity, under normal circumstances, the fiber can absorb water into the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content is 8 to 10%, so it touches the human skin, making people feel soft and not stiff.

If the humidity of cotton cloth increases and the surrounding temperature is higher, all the water content in the fiber will evaporate away, so that the fabric will maintain a state of water balance and make people feel comfortable.

2 moisturizing: because cotton fiber is a bad conductor of heat and electricity, the heat conduction coefficient is very low, and because cotton fiber itself has the advantages of porosity and high elasticity, a lot of air can be accumulated between fibers, and air is a bad conductor of heat and electricity.

Pure cotton fiber textiles have good moisture retention, wearing pure cotton fabric clothing makes people feel warm.

3 Heat resistance: pure cotton fabric has good heat resistance. When the temperature is below 110 ℃, it will only cause water evaporation on the fabric and will not damage the fiber. Therefore, pure cotton fabric at room temperature, wearing, washing, printing and dyeing have no effect on the fabric.

As a result, the washable and wearable properties of pure cotton fabrics are improved.

4 alkali resistance: cotton fiber has greater resistance to alkali, cotton fiber in alkali solution, fiber damage does not occur, this property is conducive to the washing of pollution, disinfection and removal of impurities,

At the same time, pure cotton textiles can also be dyed, printed and processed by various processes, in order to produce more new varieties of cotton weaving.

1. It is best to wash by hand so that the washed shirt does not wrinkle easily.

two. When washing with the washing machine, the rotational speed should not exceed 400, do not shake off the dry water.

3. After washing and drying, you can iron it.

4. Soak in light salt water for half an hour before washing, and then wash with cold water.

For clothes that have shrunk and wrinkled, the clothes can be stretched on the cardboard, and then ironed with an iron, the clothes can be restored to their
china shirt factory original condition.

(it is not recommended to use cardboard to support, easy to let clothes damage or deformation).

5. Or choose to send it to dry cleaning, which is a necessary skill for lazy people.

1. 100% pure cotton fabric: imported shirt fabric of pure cotton fabric is comfortable, soft, sweat-absorbing, very wrinkle, easy to deform, easy to dye or change color, a high-quality shirt should be at least pure cotton.

As a person who really knows how to dress, you should know what kind of cotton fabric is really good.

The focus of good fabric is wearing life, washing life, visual perception, wearing skin and other characteristics.

2: blended T / C fabric: this fabric is made of cotton and chemical fiber in a certain proportion.

This kind of fabric not only absorbs the respective advantages of cotton and chemical fiber, but
custom shirts also avoids their respective shortcomings as far as possible.

Most of the ordinary shirts are made of this kind of fabric, which has a hard texture and is not as comfortable as pure cotton, not easy to deform, not easy to wrinkle, not easy to dye or change color, according to the proportion of cotton and different characteristics to pure cotton or pure polyester offset.

3-100% chemical fiber fabric: it is a textile made of fibers made from polymer compounds.

Their common advantages are bright colors, soft texture, drape, smooth and comfortable.

Their shortcomings are wear resistance, heat resistance, moisture absorption, air permeability is poor, easy to deformation in case of heat, easy to produce static electricity.

4: linen fabric: the aristocrat in the shirt fabric, comfortable to wear, soft, sweat absorption, easy to
shirt manufacturer wrinkle, easy to deform, easy to dye or change color.

Anyone who knows how to wear a shirt should know that hemp is the best raw material for a shirt.

Flax is naturally breathable, hygroscopic and refreshing, making it a free-breathing textile.