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Fit is the basic clothing concept of mature men

Fit is the basic clothing concept of mature men 2019-06-10

Otherwise, clothes do not have to distinguish between cutting and size, or even a piece of fabric batch on the body is more convenient.

It is easy to understand that a shirt that does not fit, no matter how expensive the material is and how exquisite the workmanship is, is wasteful.

Closeness (that is, a high degree of fit) is an elegant attitude.

The more sophisticated the design and manufacture, the more valuable (such as Swiss mechanical watches).

Reflected in the formal dress, can accurately match the body, but also correct the lack of shape, is an excellent and expensive work, naturally become the symbol of the noble status of the master.

For many years, European and American dignitaries in order to fit, do not hesitate to waste time, money to and from high-end custom stores tailor-made, try to customize, is this truth.

I. The benefits of being a good fit are summarized as follows:

Visually concise and clean, elegant demeanor, show identity.

A highly fit shirt that a knowledgeable person can tell at a glance whether it is a custom or high-end ready-to-wear (can a ready-to-wear suit also fit?

It is easy to wear a sense of value and a sense of
shirt manufacturing identity.

This is more useful in communicating with high-end people, at least in the shirt so that your identity does not appear to be too different from him.

The cut of the fitting shirt, including the modification of the body, is more beautiful.

It sounds simple to fit or close to your body. Different treatments should be taken for people of different sizes and different parts. These considerations based on modified body shape can make you look more comfortable.

You can do it everywhere.

It’s easier to move than clothes that don’t fit.

Don’t think that a loose shirt is easy to move. Fat sleeves allow you to pull the fabric under your armpit and pull out your waistband when you lift your arm, and then you have to tidy up your shirt hem from time to time (do you have any experience?

), when raising the arm is like hanging
wholesale shirts a fan, close to the body cutting is more convenient, will not occur this kind of situation.

Of course, the convenience of formal dress can not be compared with sportswear.

It is a misconception that people who often buy ordinary ready-to-wear shirts tend to mistakenly think that fit is the right collar, length and sleeve length.

This is because ordinary shirts offer limited options, and only the size dimension is optional.

If the customer chooses the collar circumference, he can only expect the sleeve length to be appropriate, the dress length to be satisfied, and there is no choice for the fat and thin waistline of the chest circumference.

In the long run, a fixed pattern has been formed, and the standard is low.

II. How can I buy a shirt that fits?

The custom master who knows the line and understands the culture can
custom shirt factory certainly solve the problem of size fit.

Understanding culture refers to the master’s understanding of the classic style of matching, will not give your wingcollar dress shirt with double French sleeves.

Custom style matching is cumbersome, I will explain in a separate article.

) ordinary street tailors can’t do it. Oh, they may not have a better understanding of fit than you.

I hope that you have learned the knowledge here, looking for the local seams to try twice, I am also glad to have a small success.

If you have a great success, don’t forget to prepare a teacher’s banquet: -).

In addition to customization, many people do not know that advanced ready-to-wear can also solve the problem of fitness to a certain extent.

Of course, the high-end ready-to-wear here is not casually self-styled.

European high-end ready-to-wear, there must be multiple versions.

Note that this layout is not style, but according to the size.

If the size of clothes is one dimension, then polysomia is another important dimension.

The description of shirt polytype is as follows:

The same height of the human body has different fat and thin, such as fat type, thin type, suitable medium, muscle type, each type of shirt chest circumference, waist circumference, arm circumference fit requirements are different.

Most brands in the market offer only one size choice, that is, haplotype.

If you fit the size of the brand, you may wear it as a fit, but that means that people of different sizes probably don’t fit.

The size of a multi-type shirt is generally like 40Y, 43H, in which the number represents the size of the collar, and the letters represent different shapes.

Different brands may have different size units (such as inches) or body size symbols, but they are always the same.

By the way, it is customary that the collar circumference of a shirt is the size.

Some people think that Chinese marking laws such as 17084A are only regulated, but in fact they are wrong.

The Chinese logo Fapp is suitable for all types of clothing, and it is popular. It is too thick for high-end formal shirts. Formal shirts need a collar and neck to fit very well in order to wear a tie, and the collar jump code is much denser than the height and chest circumference.

A height size may correspond to two collar sizes.

Even if you have to use the national standard method to mark the shirt, the principle of polysomia is the same, but the angle is different.

The size and tailoring of polysomes come from the study of the size distribution of enough samples in a particular population, not a simple numerical deduction.

The multi-size and cut suitable for Europeans is completely different from that of the Chinese, and the cut is very different from that of the Chinese, and it is not just a matter of scaling the chest and waist.

I noticed that individual brands in China were also trying to launch multibody, but when I looked at the size table, I smiled. After reading the above, I believe you understand.

Polysomia can only cover 70% to 90% of a particular population, which is determined by the marginal effect principle.

A ready-to-wear brand wants to cover all sizes, and its costs are likely to rise dramatically as coverage approaches 100%.

Multi-size ready-to-wear is certainly not comparable to customization in terms of adapting to everyone, and of course its price is lower than customization is the advantage.

When you can’t find the right size in a multiform garment, don’t be discouraged, either put forward your personal needs and wait, or, go ahead and customize them.