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Fit and size of shirt

Fit and size of shirt 2019-06-06

Everything, whether it’s a suit or shirt, contained in a man’s suit, adheres to the same truth: “fit is everything.”

If your shirt doesn’t fit, either adjust it for him, or you can consider burning it.


In fact, there is more than one standard when buying men’s wear, such as self-cultivation, tradition, sports, loose and fully fit.

How you choose depends entirely on your personal style, your preferences, and your size.

According to your figure, if you are a
shirt factory big man, it will be better for you to choose the traditional loose dress standard, and he will make your body look better.

If you are a small man, you can choose a slim dress so that people will not think your clothes are borrowed.

What kind of shirt collar suits you.

The collar of a shirt should make you comfortable with the top button. The test is to buckle the top button and insert one or two fingers. If your collar is too tight, you will be very uncomfortable.

If it’s too loose, your tie and collar will be hanging there.

1.2 what kind of shirt and shoulder suits you.

When you try on a shirt, you can look at the sutures on the shoulder of the shirt. It should extend to the edge of your shoulder.

The test is simple. If the line stops before it reaches your shoulder, you need a bigger shirt; if the line stops over your shoulder, you need a smaller shirt.

1.3. What kind of shirt torso suits you.

The torso is the most important part of a shirt. The torso of the shirt should not be too tight or too loose, too tight to move, too loose and ugly, so the torso must be balanced according to your size.

Large people need to need extra 6-9cm cloth on top of their size, so small people can reduce the extra fabric according to their size.

If the cloth attached to the shirt button is very tight and pulled out, it means your shirt is already very tight!

A very loose symptom is a large number of folds under the arm.

1.4 what kind of shirt cuff suits you.

The cuff on the shirt is often ignored, but you don’t know that the cuff is actually a very important part. As the saying goes, art depends on the details, and the right cuff allows you to stretch and exercise more comfortably.

Make your shirt less restrictive to your body and feel more comfortable as a whole.

Low cuff can improve the air circulation in the shirt, but the extension of the body will be more limited, which is an immutable part of the shirt, if your cuff does not suit you, you should buy a custom shirt.

What kind of shirt sleeve length suits you.

Ideally, the cuffs of the shirt should grow right to the bottom of your thumb, and when you’re still wearing a coat outside your shirt, you should be able to see about 1.5 centimeters of shirt sleeves.

If you can still see long shirt sleeves in a suit, or if you can’t see shirt sleeves, that’s not a good fit.

What kind of shirt sleeve width suits you.

The sleeve width of the shirt varies with the style and collocation of the shirt.

Ideally, when you stretch your arms, your sleeves should be appropriate, not so
shirt vector loose and so tight that your arms are tight.

If you’ve cut your shirt before, you need to make sure you cut it on your arm, too, so that you can protect the overall proportion of the whole shirt, which is something to pay attention to.

A lot of people don’t pay attention to this and eventually make the shirt look very ugly.

What kind of shirt length suits you.

Tuck your shirt into your pants, and if your shirt is too short, he will pop up again and again. You can try raising your arms above your head to see if he will pop up, and if so, your shirt will be small.

You should choose a longer shirt to avoid this, because no one will see how long your shirt is, because you will tuck it in.

What kind of shirt cuffs suit you.

Your cuffs should be about 4 centimeters larger than your arms. A good test is if you have to
shirt manufacturer untie your cuffs to take off your clothes.

If you can slide your hand out without unbuttoning, your cuffs are too loose.

If you want to wear a watch, you need to adjust the buttons on your sleeves by more than a centimeter so that your sleeves can slide through the watch.