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Common clothing fabrics

Common clothing fabrics 2019-06-07

Clothing fabric is the material used to make clothing.

As one of the three elements of clothing, fabric can not only be interpreted.

To make clothes worn on formal social occasions, it is appropriate to choose pure cotton, pure wool, pure silk and pure hemp products.

With these four kinds of pure natural texture fabrics to make clothing, most of the grade is higher.

Sometimes, wearing clothes made of pure leather is also allowed.

We will briefly introduce the modeling characteristics of different materials and their application in clothing design as follows.

1. Soft fabric is generally light and thin, good drape feeling, smooth modeling lines, natural extension of clothing outline.

Soft fabrics mainly include fabric structure evacuation knitted fabrics and silk fabrics as well as soft hemp yarn fabrics and so on.

Soft knitted
shirt manufacturer fabrics in clothing design often use linear concise modeling to reflect the beautiful curve of the human body; silk, hemp yarn and other fabrics are more loose and pleating effect of the shape, showing the flow of fabric lines.

two. The tactile fabric has a clear line and a sense of mass, which can form a plump outline of the garment.

Common cotton cloth, polyester cotton cloth, corduroy, linen and a variety of medium-thick wool and chemical fiber fabrics, this kind of fabric can be used to highlight the accuracy of clothing modeling design, such as suit, suit design.

3. Glossy fabric surface is smooth and can reflect bright light, there is a sense of brilliance.

This type of fabric includes satin fabric.

Most commonly used in evening dresses or stage costumes to produce a gorgeous and dazzling strong visual effect.

wholesale shirts fabric in the dress performance in the modeling freedom is very wide, can have the concise design or the more exaggerated modeling way.

4. Thick and heavy fabric thick and strong scraping, can produce a stable modeling effect, including all kinds of thick woolen and quilted fabrics.

The fabric has a sense of body expansion, should not be too much pleating and accumulation, in the design of type A and H shape is the most appropriate.

5. Transparent fabric texture light and transparent, with elegant and mysterious artistic effect.

Including cotton, silk, chemical fiber fabrics, such as Qiaoqi yarn, satin silk, chemical fiber lace and so on.

In order to express the transparency of the fabric, often use natural plump lines, rich in changing H-shaped and round table design shape.